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Why do knives love wooden cutting boards?

If you love your knives, wooden cutting boards are a must. Not only do they look beautiful thanks to their grain, they also put significantly less strain on the knife blades than other materials.

Under no circumstances should knives be used on marble, metal or glass cutting boards, as the hard material will damage the blade. Even if only low-quality kitchen knives are used, cutting boards made of glass or marble should only be used for light cutting work with very little pressure.

The plastic cutting board is considered easy to clean and the material is stable and durable. At the same time, plastic is so flexible that knife blades are hardly damaged by it. However, there are hygiene concerns as germs can easily settle in the plastic.

The wooden cutting board is dimensionally stable, robust and at the same time soft enough to optimally give way to the pressure of the blade. Due to the rather soft surface, it has the advantage that the edge of the knife wears down less quickly - the knives therefore stay sharp longer. As recent tests have shown, wood is even more sensible from a hygienic point of view, as it contains antibacterial substances that are missing in plastic.

The different material properties show: It is best to choose a cutting board made of wood.

With a wooden cutting board you will always enjoy it for a long time - not only with your board, but also with your valuable kitchen knives. Wooden cutting boards can impress with their high quality and great, natural properties. It is important that the material can give way to the pressure of the blade and the knife blade is thus protected. For this reason, cutting boards made of glass, marble or metal should be avoided at all costs. Even if plastic cutting boards are just as suitable for knives as wooden cutting boards, the critical environmental properties and hygiene aspects of plastic boards should be considered. With the right care and cleaning, you and your knives will enjoy a wooden cutting board for years.

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