We are climate friendly

At Hall of Wood, sustainability is important and we offset all CO2 emissions. We would like to show how we do this with maximum transparency below.

CO2 contributes significantly to climate change because it prevents heat from escaping into space. Climate change is a global problem. CO2 is being released into the atmosphere all over the world - in some places more, in others less. Therefore, saving a ton of CO2 in Indonesia protects the climate just as much as saving one ton of CO2 in Germany.

We therefore use a so-called climate certificate to compensate for the CO2 emissions we generate. We purchased this from the company Atmosfair, the test winner from Stiftung Warentest ( https://www.test.de/CO2-Kompensation-Diese-Anbieter-tun-am-meisten-fuer-den-Klimaschutz-5282502-5282508/ ).

For every 1000 boards we produce, slightly rounded up, 1 tonne of CO2 equivalents. We calculated this as follows:

We update our carbon footprint annually.

Each of our boards consumes approximately as much CO2 as is needed to produce 5kg of potatoes or as we generate by burning 0.4 litres of fuel.

Through Atmosfair, we use our certificate to support a project in Indonesia, where our goods are manufactured. On the main island of Java, investments are being made in composting and recycling measures to avoid methane emissions and waste. ( https://www.atmosfair.de/de/klimaschutzprojekte/biogas-biomasse/indonesien/)

We cannot solve the collective problem of the climate crisis individually. Individual abstinence does not seem to be a solution either, and is probably difficult to implement socially. In our view, it is much more important to understand the consequences of different types of consumption. Unfortunately, this is not yet transparent today. The price of an avocado in our supermarket does not yet reflect the subsequent damage in the countries where it is grown.

Transparency is important to us. Only with transparency across the entire supply chain and the costs incurred there for our environment can we begin to consume consciously. This is a start.