About Us

Hall of Wood was founded in 2016. Our headquarters are in Wiesbaden.

We are lovers of Asian cuisine and culture. Having time for everything that has to do with food is what matters to us. Preparing food requires absolute dedication. This process requires first-class food as well as first-class kitchen utensils. That's why we regularly look at how we can combine European lifestyle with Asian culture.

We attach great importance to sourcing our goods directly from local manufacturers. By eliminating middlemen, we are not only able to offer our range at low cost - our direct contact on site ensures both social and product standards.

Our goods are handmade - each product has its own charm. Handcrafting lives from its individual expression and means uniqueness and liveliness. In this sense, you will hardly find an article with us that is literally 'flawless'. If you want, you can see this as a shortcoming. But with such a view, you deprive yourself of the joy that a handcrafted piece made of living material brings. Perhaps you think of this when you see a dent in the wood or an unusual grain. Handcrafting means uniqueness.

The wood for our products comes from Indonesia, which has the SVLK certificate developed in cooperation with the EU. Since 2009, this certificate has ensured that only legally processed wood leaves Indonesia. Unlike other certificates, the SVLK is also awarded to private sawmills. This also enables small local companies to legally manage forest areas.

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