Why is the TEAKER odorless?

The natural oils in teak are aromatic and make it resistant to insects and termites. This gives it durability and strength, even in harsh weather conditions. Teak does not absorb water and does not rot or decay when wet. It also does not warp or splinter. These properties prevent odors from penetrating the wood and make it ideal for use as a breakfast or cutting board.

However, you should still look after your board regularly. We recommend cleaning it under warm running water after each use. Stubborn dirt can be removed with a cloth or dishwashing brush. After cutting meat and fish, we recommend cleaning it in the dishwasher or, alternatively, cleaning it thoroughly under hot water with a little detergent. After that, it is important that the cutting board is dried and left to dry.

In addition to cleaning, you should oil your cutting boards at least once a year. Treating them with oil at regular intervals gives the board a protective layer. This ensures that no stains form on the board from vegetables that rub off. The oil also gives the surface a beautiful shine.