Was ist ein Frühstücksbrettchen?

What is a breakfast board?

The small board that is used instead of a plate is called a breakfast board. This is a small board, roughly in DIN A5 to DIN A4 format, which is perfectly designed for bread and rolls. These breakfast boards are often not just intended as a surface for cutting and spreading, but are also often used in many families as a replacement for the breakfast plate.

A breakfast board is flatter than a plate and has no edge. This is advantageous when cutting and spreading food, as you don't bump your hand or the handle of your knife into it. The breakfast board can also be used as a snack board! A hearty snack - preferably a typical Bavarian one - is of course served on a suitable board.

And that brings us to the regional differences. In the north, for example, it is more common to have a sweet breakfast, while many people in the south of the country prefer a savory breakfast. The reason for this lies in the past, when the south of Germany was wealthier than the north. Since eating meat and sausages was a sign of this prosperity and the poorer people had to make do with the sweeter version, preferences and habits developed that have remained to some extent to this day. And that also explains the regional differences in the use of boards. Breakfast boards used to be a cheap alternative to porcelain dishes and were also much more robust and durable.

Today, breakfast boards are a lifestyle product that is defined by feel, aesthetics and sustainability. There is a large selection of breakfast boards. Whether round or square, made of precious wood or glued cheap wood - you are spoiled for choice. You can also find the advantages and disadvantages of different materials here in the board blog. In our opinion, the best breakfast boards are boards made of a single piece of precious wood, such as teak.

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