Holzschneidebrett reinigen mit Frank Rosin

How Frank Rosin cleans his wooden cutting boards.

In Barbara Schöneberger's podcast, Frank Rosin was asked whether he prefers to use wooden or plastic boards in his kitchen. Not surprisingly, both revealed themselves to be fans of wood. What is surprising, however, is the top chef's cleaning tip.

Frank Rosin cleans his boards with vinegar cleaner and then pours boiling hot water over the cutting board. He stresses that the boards must then dry out properly. "And then it's good."

For Frank Rosin, this effort is particularly worthwhile because he does not want his food to come into contact with microplastics and the like. If you would like to listen to Barbara Schöneberger's fantastic podcast with Frank Rosin, you can find it at the following link: https://www.barbaradio.de/podcast-168-frank-rosin .

If Frank Rosin's method is too brutal for you, you can also clean our cutting and breakfast boards in the dishwasher. This works because our teak boards have extremely dense wood. You can find the results of our long-term test here: https://teaker.de/blogs/news/holz-schneidebrett-in-die-spulmaschine

But no matter how you clean the boards, always let them air dry afterwards. And since wood becomes brittle over time depending on how often it is used, we recommend oiling the board every 6 to 12 months. Our preferred oil for this is linseed oil.

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