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TEAKER - the second choice carving board

TEAKER - the second choice carving board

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Discover the TEAKER carving board
Care has never been so easy. Our TEAKER carving board is made from a single piece of teak, finished with a groove all around and offers unbeatable advantages.

Ideal for cutting meat, crisp salads or juicy fruit. The surrounding juice groove catches the liquid and the work surface stays dry.

Highest quality, maximum ease of care
✔ Dishwasher safe: No more tedious hand washing – just put it in the dishwasher.
✔ Antibacterial: Protection against germs and bacteria.
✔ Gentle on knives: Keep your knives sharp for longer.
✔ Odorless: No unpleasant smells in the wood.
✔ Sustainable production: We use certified, sustainable teak.

Robust, beautiful and unique
Our high-quality teak is extremely robust due to its density and protects your knife blades when cutting. The natural grain of the wood makes every TEAKER a unique eye-catcher in your kitchen.

Handmade with attention to detail
Each TEAKER is handmade by experienced carpenters in Indonesia. We attach great importance to fair working conditions and the use of sustainably produced wood.

A unique piece for your home
Please note that due to our artisanal manufacturing technique, slight variations in grain, color and shape may occur. This is exactly what makes each TEAKER so unique.

Dimensions of the TEAKER carving board
Dimensions: 450 x 280 x 40mm (L/W/H)

Fast shipping, no waiting time
Your TEAKER will usually be with you within just 3-4 working days.

Attention: unfortunately our craftsmen were a bit "overzealous" with this batch and stapled the product label to one side of the TEAKER with a 3mm staple (see picture). The function and durability of the TEAKER is of course not affected by this.

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